Regarding adding tags in Maya/egg files [Solved]

I’m sorry for spamming the message board’s front page, but I’m quite desperate for help, and the stuff that I found are… a tad bit advanced for me…

How do I add tags in Maya which can be detected in Panda3D?

And from there, how do I access these tags in Panda3D?

The thing is, I’m using tags for collision in Panda3D, and I need to know how to create and detect these collision tags in the egg files.

Thanks again!

Which part of the manual is not clear for you ? … _From_Maya

AH, sorry, it appears i didn’t specify, real sorry…

I wasn’t referring to the collision tag usual maya way, where you have the mel script and you just change the egg type such as barrier, tube, etc.

I was talking about adding custom tags, that you can retrieve upon collision.

Unless, of course, you say that there is there is such a way, then please enlighten me, 'cuz i wasn’t able to find out from there when i checked it last time.

The thing is, I want to add custom tags to the objects in the egg file/in maya so that i can tell whether an object is a floor, a switch, a wall, or other stuff.

Thats why i would like to use this problem.

You’re not alone.


CRAP! I didn’t note that that was the solution to my problem when I last chanced across it.

Thanks much for pointing it out!

Time to test it out…

Thank for all the help jo! It did work, although I changed to dynamically adding the tags later (personal preference, I rather work in the main file itself rather than with the egg files…)

Now it works like a charm.

Sorry for all the trouble!