Reference of Panda3D in Eclipse or NetBeans


How I setup the NetBeans or Eclipse enviroments to “see” the imports (/panda3d/lib) files for I browse classes, get direct imports of objects and etc…

I created a new profile in NetBeans, and put this profile direct point to Panda\Python folder, but when I use intelisense for example to see from pandac. NetBeans dont load the reference of libs…

There are tutorials explain how configure the enviroment to “see” the panda’s namespaces ?

Unlike most python libs panda3d libs are very c++ heavy. Normal python ways don’t interspect them that well. I dont think you would get much in terms of auto completion.

You need to have the “pandac” directory, too.

why isnt it working for you i wonder? all i had to do in eclipse was import them and it seemed to load all the modules fine.


Thanks man !
Works fine now…

For those of us that have eclipses but that are not yet panda gods. Could you be more explicit. A picture ( or several) is worth a thousand words

Would you mind going thru this step by tiny step. WITH screen shots for those of us that have no idea what you mean.

Frankly, I could never get Eclipse to do proper intellisense-style matching. It had a proper Pythonpath, and everything would compile and run from it, I could even open modules from my code in their correct locations but it just wouldn’t auto-complete anything beyond my own code.

Netbeans, however, picked up my Pythonpath without me having to do anything special and properly auto-completes.