redundant stuff in eggs

I didn’t know that you could analyze an egg in pview with shift-a. When I’ve tried my eggs I’ve found info like this:

78841 vertices, 78841 normals, 0 colors, 48636 texture coordinates.
948 vertices are unreferenced by any GeomPrimitives.
51 GeomVertexArrayDatas are redundant, wasting 93k
24 GeomPrimitive arrays are redundant, wasting 74k

As I’ve got no problem with my models so far, I assume that a cleanup it’s not critical , but … Do you know some way in blender (or in eggs if it exists) to optimize/remove unneeded data? (I mean in a fast way like an option or a script, by hand it would be too much work)

blender has a nice function to select non-triangles/quads
in blenders mesh-edit mode (vertex-select-mode) unselect everything. press spacebar->select->non triangles/quads.
this will select all points and lines. if you dont render your model as point-sprite or wireframe then its usualy ok to just delete them.

Actually, the egg loader is supposed to automatically remove unneeded vertices when you load the model.

There are cases when it doesn’t successfully remove all unneeded vertices, though. Usually it’s a very small number of vertices, as in this example, so it isn’t worth worrying about. (There are a few more fixes on the CVS head that do a better job pruning these, but it’s not part of the 1.5.x branch.)

As to the redundant arrays, that’s just Panda telling you that there are several different index arrays that all happen to contain identical data, so they could theoretically be collapsed into the same array, which would save a tiny amount of memory. Panda makes no attempt to do this; it’s usually not worth the effort it would take to do so. It’s just pointing this out in case you cared about every last drop of memory (which, in general, you shouldn’t).


Thanks for the info Thomas and David