Recruiting for a game project

I represent Talitha Starware, an online game studio. The organization is planning on creating a game to be published by companies like Alawar. And our first game we plan on pitching to publishers is called Marble Quest. A puzzle game where players have to match the rows and columns of marbles on a board to a single color. We feel that a game like Marble Quest would be perfect for Alawar’s library of games.

However a team needs to be created to actually develop the product. It’s important to note that this is an extremely small project which could potentially turn up a great deal of profit if a publisher’s deal is made. Here are the open positions for this project :

[i]Programmer/i: Preferably one who’s familiar with a portable, high-level programming language such as Python. Needs to have made a game with Python before. And lastly, one who can easily learn a new Python API.

[i]2D Artist/i: Is able to make ingame assets, design banner and logos as well. Need to show me some work you’ve done.

[i]Musician/i: Need to show me some work you’ve done.

Here are some open positions for the Talitha Starware organization :

[i]Flash Designer/i: Need someone to redesign the Talitha Starware website in flash.

Here is the game presentation document :

Here is Talitha’s website :

My Contact Informatoin :
AIM: Alluminitti