Recruiting board/form/application


My name is Erlend, and I am the PR Manager for a true roleplaying game called Radakan.

I’m just wondering whether deals with project-recruitment, and also how you go about doing that around here. My best guess would be the forum, but from what I see you have no forum-board specifically directed towards this purpose.

So I’m wondering, where would be the appropriate place to post a request for a competent lead programmer?

P.S. We’re not beginners.
Our website, wiki and forum should support the above statement.

Erlend “Sadr” S. Heggen, on behalf of the Radakan Development Crew

i guess that is how people done it in the past.

I’m sorry, didn’t quite get that.

treeform said your above post facilitated your recruitment request. Even though your post intention was to get information about where to post, it is actually the same way to get a response to your real question.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of questions like this posted here. Should there be an official “employment/project” forum? This board gets sprinkled with posts requesting programmers for “the next big project” quite often so you can probably expect a low positive response given the number of “here today, gone tomorrow” project listings. You were smart to link supportive resources of your project Sadr, good luck!

btw, your art work looks promising and suggests you have some talent aleady. That should help people take you more seriously.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting a request for team-members. (That is, if the team is using Panda3D. Otherwise, it’s not appropriate for a Panda3D forum.)

Update: they’re not using Panda3D. I don’t know why he’s here.

They where evaluating and recruiting at the same time.

In a way Treeform, yes. By the way, thanks for visiting the IRC-channel, we’d love for more visitors to stop by and even just idle now and then :wink:

Now, as for recruiting, we don’t really plan to initiate this stage until a couple of days from now. As has been said, this post here was just a simple mean of saying hi and checking out the community, while figuring out the most appropriate place to place recruiting post, seeing as some people disallow this, or get very angry when they are posted in the wrong board.

Also, this is the situation we’re currently in:
“We have previously been using OGRE for our game programming, but a recent review of the code has resulted in the decision to start the coding from scratch, allowing as to review new game engines in the same process as we start looking for a new lead programmer.”

More info about this decision and the project as a whole will of course be more thuroughly explained when we post the actual recruiting thread. In the meantime, I won’t mind answering any questions you might have regarding the project.

I think Josh said some things already, but here is my pov:

If advertising for programmers (note: ads requesting programmers - not selling products) is the thing you want to do, the best place is this forum section.

What is not the main feature for a Panda3D forum:
recruit people for other languages/engines.

Maybe you should first get a glimpse of it - and then request a lead programmer once you know the basic capabilies.

Unless you do so, you don’t behave very professional. :wink:

But as always… thats my personal POV.

Regards, Bigfoot29

@bigfoot29: Here’s the thing:

Once we first decided to program the game from scratch, we initially started reviewing a long list of engines. Important features were stable development, cross platform compatibility and well established communities. We realise that finding a really competent lead programmer isn’t easy. So, in order to increase our chances, our programmers are being as flexible as they can about this, showing great willingness to learn new engines and even languages (which is not that big of a deal seeing as if you know one language really well already, the rest ain’t that hard), leaving that decision up to the new lead programmer, so that the main contributor to the code will be in his own territory.

In other words, our recruiting post here on will be directed only towards Panda3D senior developers, not any other engines. Considering Panda3D’s steady development, active community and soon to-be-released 1.5 version, I’d say Panda3D is high up on our list of prefered engines, if not on top. The only thing that has been a slight concern to us so far are the licensing issues.

Then lets see who is interested. Wishing you the best of luck. :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

license issues are not that serious in panda’s case. if you make money with it you have to either get some licenes or remove the concerned libraries.
for example fmod. but since openAL is already available in panda you can work around fmod.
others like ARToolkit can be removed entirely since you most likely wont need it anyway.

graghhh arttool kit!
I just read a thread on that, and I didn’t think
that was bundled into panda yet :D.
I’m pretty far off from selling anything though,
so I’m going to worry about all that fmod later :D.

I was wondering why you want to start coding from scratch. Ogre3D is probably the most feature rich open source engine, and your coders have already experience with this engine. What are you are missing so you throw away existing code an consider using other engines?

I don’t want to say Panda3D is a bad choice. Actually I think it is one of the best choices for a team who is spending their spare time on such a demanding project. Rapid and flexible development is probably more important the cutting-edge features, especially if you don’t know exactly where you want to go from the first moment on. But if somebody is interested then he or she will certainly ask this question.


@enn0x: I hope your answer has been properly covered here. If not, do by all means tell me :slight_smile:

Enjoy the read guys!