Recreation of Colossus: where can i get it?(new here)

I am new to panda 3d. Since years i am(in my free time) programming with 3d gamestudio. But as you might know it isnt cheap. Panda 3d looks like a very good free 3d engine for programming games. Especially the screenshots of the recreation of Colossus are great O.O. Where can i get this demo? whant to see it in real time.


afaik it was made by the students of the CMU.
you’d have to contact them to get it. so chances are you wont be able to get hands on it.

if you’r just looking for some demos/screens you might as well try to look around in the showcase section of the forum.
there is more stuff on the rest of the forum,too. just harder to find.

[edit] … wanted to add that i’m a former 3dgs user too. but i havent used 3dgs for years now.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look around to get some more examples(my ide is ready^^)

Still some questions:
In the panda3d subfolder “direct” there is a folder with the name “Leveleditor”. I tried to start but i got an error message that an class hasn’t been defined. And also i am not able to start the nature demo(somewhere here around in the forum). All samples of panda3d are working. Does anyone know if i forgot something?(i used the thread for totally beginners to setup my ide)


the level editor is pretty much out of date, no longer maintained and kown to not work at all.
it was written by yet another cmu student if i remember correctly.
since panda’s nature is very generic. its hard to write a level editor which is “universal”. instead people tend to write their own small editors to place objects.
you can also use modelling packages such as blender3d to some extend to mark object positions and such.

if the nature demo is not working please post in the nature demo thread. dont forget to inlcude error messages or debug output aswell as pandaversion, OS etc.