recording game window

I wonder what is the easiest way to record a video of your game window.
Theres probably a way to make a snapshot each frame with a method or something, but ill also need to record the audio.

Check out FRAPS. It may suit your needs without requiring any code on your part.

wow free trial.
any other way?

havent tried this myself but maybe rendering to texture and then saving that texture to disk as an image could work.…)

Yeah thats more like it.
Well kinda… I mean its like hardly few frames per second, lol. Not enough to actually record while playing the game. Ill try lower resolutions. but definately not good for big resolutions.
But how can i record the audio?

So can i record audio too?

Just record it with your favourite audio recorder.
Audacity works great. I’ve captured many songs from games without any trouble.