Received Strange Error on App Shut Down

I never had any errors pup up after application shut down, but recently I got this one:

Assertion failed: (_flags $ F_lock_count) != 0 at line 68 of c:\panda3d-1.7.0\built\include\mutexSimpleImpl.I

This error occurred after I replaced a 139 frame animation with a 740 frame animation. The new file is just a few animations stringed together; instead of using multiple smaller ones, that’s why it’s 740 frames long.

This error started after I used the new animation file… I don’t know if it’s a link to the error message or not. If it is…I’m guessing there’s some kind of animation frame cap…maybe?

One more thing; the app shuts down, but I also get the windows message indicating a crash occurred.

The windows message says “Ppython stopped working”

There’s no cap on the number of frames in an animation, but that error message does indicate something’s going wrong inside Panda. I can’t tell whether it’s related to the length of your animation, or to something else.


You are correct. It was related to something else. The issues was anohter program keeping track of the fps. I restarted the fps track program and everything went fine again. I’m going to see if I can delete this topic.

Guess not. :blush: