Rebranding - Part 2

This is coming from a noob C++ user who is planning ahead but:

I really like the new website design, but it feels like its too oriented at Python, when Panda3D is very much both a C++ as well as a Python engine.

It took me a good amount of digging to figure this out, as this wasn’t always true from what I’ve read (of course, a lot of articles and reviews are way outdated)

Also, shouldn’t a screenshot using the internal tenderer be used?

Other than that I really like it, and hope to use Panda3D within the next few months!

Well I think most people are using the python interface, and not the c++ interface, so we should probably mostly target the Python user base. Also, “If you ever feel the need to go deeper, Panda3D has an advanced C++ interface and an automatic Python wrapper generator.” is already in the second sentence - I think that should be enough?

The problem with the internal renderer is that its harder to get nice screenshots, if you have any nice looking screenshots then feel free to suggest them though :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the website design :smiley: . It looks very cool, professional and up to date.

There’s no way I can tell whether users prefer the Python or C++ interface. Having said that, I myself think the idea behind the engine since it’s creation is very objectively and accurately described in the sentence you used (“Power of Python, Speed of C++”). I would think that Python is a more popular and demanded programming language, but quick google searchs reveals that some list features C++ above Python and vice-versa depending on various parameters, generally close to each other (though Python is the one with more growth in recent years). Thus, I don’t know if advertising should be more python-centric or cpp-centric. The “dual” nature of the manual section of the current website where the user can choose where to read the Python or the C++ api works great for me, maybe you should keep this structure. Those are all suggestions, I’m no expert in the matter.

I’m so relieved to see the engine progressing. I love both the fact that it is built over a compiled language and that we can use Python to have access to its functionalities. I think Python is really, really powerful and flexible, and it is the reason I chose Panda3D to develop my gaming projects.

And you can link to the Web? I would like to see this page in your browser.
It will change the engine site or forum? Forum is very old and needs replacing.
Even otsutvuet BB-Codes - spoler.