Realtime Mocap demo

Hello people,

I have just finished a demo app. for some motion capture equipment we have here at the university of Sussex (uk). This demo took me a little over two months to complete (I did quite a bit of ground work before diving in). It consists of a practice mode where the player can shoot arrows at a target and score up, a practice blocking mode where the user blocks incoming arrows from an animated enemy and finally a network mode where two players can battle over the internet. We have two suits here and battling against each other in mocap suits, all in realtime, is sure hell fun!


(There’s a few more vids to check out if you click on the username)

Cool things to mention:
When you run out of arrows you can block the enemy’s arrow with your shield then reach round with your hand to pull the arrow out the shield ready to fire back at them.
We have a dynamic sight (providing visual feedback to the player as to the arrows flight) which flatterns out as power is increased (think GOW torque bow).
You must reach up over your shoulder and hold a trigger to arm an arrow.
Once the arrow is attached to the bow you can aim with your left arm while alter the power with your right (moving arms closer/further apart).

Major thanks to everyone that helped me out on this board, this couldn’t have been created without your help and thanks to Panda3D for a fantastic engine.

Hopefully I will be developing more apps like this in the near future. If anyone can think of some neat ideas for mocap orientated games or extra features I can add into this game, please let me hear them!

Many thanks, Jake.

pretty cool!

OMG! Brilliant!
I wish I could play Oblivion with such suit, sigh…
What is this suit, btw?
Concerning the demo, in my opinion, the parabola that indicates the arrow trajectory looks redundant. You could indicate the bow-string tension by dynamically changing the field of view. I believe after some tweaking it could be made very intuitive for people with little training.

Did you play Penumbra? This is very innovative (and awesome) adventure indie game that is based on interaction with items around. Such mocap suit would be great combination with a game of this type. Then, RPGs.

looks very cool. any chance to teach it listening on mouse? :slight_smile: