Reading .egg.pz

Hi people,

I know that collision solids can be implemented in codes or built automatically from the Panda3D Sample Programs, Ball in Maze.

The source code instructed me to view the maze.egg.pz and ball.egg.pz.

However I have no luck in opening both files to view its lines.

HELP! required Asap.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

egg.pz is a compressed version of the normal egg.
You can load it in panda3d the usual way, by doing loader.loadModel(โ€˜model.egg.pzโ€™)
If you want to decompress it, Panda3D comes with two nice tools: pzip and punzip.
pzip converts an egg or bam into an egg.pz or bam.pz, while punzip uncompresses it.

Thanks dude.

After searching the forum, I managed to punzip the ball.egg.pz and maze.egg.pz

Many thanks to pro-rsoft for the information.

Cheers. :smiley: