reading .bam 6.20 files

does anyone know how to read .bam 6.20 files

i have no idea how you came up with that 6.20 version. but to read the bam file you either have to have some serious skill in reading binary files… or you use the same panda-version which was used to create the bam, to convert it back into an egg file. which version that would be, i dont know.

I don’t know where you got those 6.20 bam files, but I’m guessing from ToonTown or so, since there’s no public Panda release with that bam version yet.

You’ll need to build Panda3D from the CVS trunk, and checkout a version between Tue Apr 21 20:35:04 2009 UTC and Wed Jun 10 17:54:40 2009 UTC to be able to read and write bam 6.20 files.

what is the cvs and where do i find it?

im not really sure what i should do i got to this site and i am not sure how i would edit it to make it compatible with .bam version 20