Read input independently of keyboard layout?


I’m using the german Neo 2.0 keyboard layout. My project isn’t big enough to think about customizable key configuration (which would be the wrong approach anyway in my opinion), so I set the key configuration to be convenient on quertz since my artist is not a friend of neo. Now as we are about to get more hotkeys, this begins to feel odd since the keys are distributed all over my keyboard due to the neo layout.

Does panda somehow support reading key input via keycodes instead of real mapped keys?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just make it customizable? It’s the simplest and the best thing to do.

Its just that I regularly get annoyed by games that rely on the keyboard layout although I had one or two that worked without me adapting their layout to neo (or switching to qwertz which disables me at typing in ingame chats). If I can do better now, I will do that…

Wait, I don’t think I understand. There’s nothing more irritating than a game that doesn’t allow remapping keys. And simply allowing that should solve the problem, no? I mean, people will be able to set their keys however they like and in whichever way works best on their keyboard layout. Same with, for instance, left handed people, for whom default key mapping in most games is just unacceptable.

So again, writing code for remapping keys is dead simple and it would solve the problem for good. Unless I’m missing something.

and then. there is also the problem of catching non ascii inputs. i would be pretty interested in getting the keycodes,too. (using neo2 myself)

The problem is not about being able to remap keys, but to avoid the need to do so. If I could rely on keycodes, the game would work the same on every qwertz-keyboard (of course not on qwerty or azerty, those would still require premade game configs) but hopefully you get my point: its not that the variety of keyboard layouts is that big, but I want to minimize the need for doing your own key mappings. Let it be for the sake of my own lazyness. I don’t want to deal with 2 or more layouts everytime I assign a new key in code.

Point taken :slight_smile:. Sorry, I’m calling from the qwerty world and the problem was strange to me :wink:.