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If anyone would be interested in an offline version of the Python 3D Panda Manual, PM me or reply to this post. I made one, but I figured that so few people would want it that it’s not worth posting it.

I am :slight_smile:

For me, too. :slight_smile:

I am.

If yould pack it for reading with mobile phones (opera mini, 240x320) it would be great :slight_smile:

Aside that, there is an java mobile app called ReadManiac and you can use it to read books on your mobile…

post it please.

Heres a mediafire link:

I uploaded a copy of it to
Just in case :wink:

Note that there are also weekly snapshots here:

Why is there no “official” manual download like for eg 1.6.2 anymore?

I’m working on that, I think I’ll have that fixed for the upcoming release.

So we are looking at a 1.7.1 sometime soon… aye?
Will you then call it stable? Not that such a callsign would stop anyone…