Hi everyone,

since September 2010 we (blazingsun, pinguin and me) are developing a science fiction racing game.
It is our first Panda project and we do it to learn more about this engine to once to be able to create bigger, more structured projects with it.

Our goal is to create a game which randomly generates its race tracks and which can be played by multiple players on one machine. An important aspect is also the speed of the game, which should be as high as possible.
Currently it is in a pre-beta stadium.

Some screenshots and a video can be found here:


Anyone is welcome to participate in development or even to do some translations for several languages (currently we have got translations for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish). The code is under Creative Commons Licence and hosted at Launchpad

btw: critics and suggestions are also welcome

the RageTracks Team

It’s very nice, congratulations!

I can’t partecipate in development, but, if you’ll need other italian stuff in the future I’d be very happy to contribute.

Why have you done this choice? Even CC recommends other licenses.

The plugin for screenshots has a untranslated writing (Schlieben) on your site. It’s hard to determine the height of the spaceship without shadows.

Hi, thanks for reply.
Sorry, I forgot to translate the text on the image. Fix is uploaded now. :wink:

Translations are automatically handled by Launchpad: http://translations.launchpad.net/ragetracks, so if anyone wants to translate anyting or even add a new language, it can be done here by anyone (so you can achieve a big count of languages for your project).

The thing about Creative Commons is interesting, but I should additionally say that the exact name of the license is “Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike”, I think this makes a difference.

We’re hardly working on shadows and a floor light for the vehicles. Our problem is that the road is generated with a GeomVertexWriter and we’re not sure if this effects the lighting behavior. So if we add a light, the vehicle is bright, but the road is not. :unamused:

Thanks for your reply yaio. I think it had something to do with compatibility between licenses, but we might consider changing it in the future. But even if the CC-License is not made for software it should be enough for our needs.

Me personally would like a license with only three sentences: Share as you want, give attribution, share your new work under the same license. But thats not a accepted license by Launchpad :frowning:

Greetz Blaz

The FAQ I cited affects all CC licenses. :unamused:

I don’t understand these two points: they appear conflicting to me.

I meant you should be able to share software based on our software as long as it is open source too. But i doubt anyone wants to use that code anyway because it was just growing without real planning, maybe one or two modules are of use for a real project.

Then you’ll probably want a copyleft licence from the GPL family. Although it seems pretty ridiculous to me why you’d want to enforce ‘freedom’, that seems pretty contradictory to me in itself. I highly advise avoid use of the *GPL licences.

Consider a permissive licence like BSD.

Looks nice! But I get some mad result every time I crash - making it unplayable at present. Look forward to seeing it progress though!

I second that. Though if you end up deciding against heavy restrictions in your terms (e.g. copyleft), but still want to use a widely accepted pre-written licence, I’d say even better than the BSD family would be either MIT or, better still, ISC. Personally, I have my own method of doing these things that’s slightly more complex, but to each his own.

Just throwing in my two cents (not accounting for inflation). Also, good work.

The game looks great! Reminds me of the infinite tunnel sample :slight_smile:

By the way, some obstacles or opponents would make the game more interesting