Racing Game with Panda3d


I am new to Panda3D and to study it I decided to create a racing game with a lot of models and streets and some upgrades and tuning. It shall have the ode-physics.

I have got some models: … fullscreen … fullscreen

In game: … fullscreen

  • I am bad in texturing *

I have got a problem with the game. I do not understand the ode part. Do anyone have an example for OdeHinge2Joints?

Thanks in Advance


hmm, what did I do wrong with the pictures?

pics dont have a png or jpeg extension. They look like folders.

ok, I do not have the possiblility to get the .png path. So I gave the links

Very cool model !

You can check:

You can download demomaster and take a look for the example called “ODE Car”

Ah cool thanks for the Link!
But he doesn’t use the wheels itself to run the car.
He gives the force to the chassis.

btw: :blush: Where can I find the “demomaster” :blush:


Ah I think I found it:
is that it: ?

        #We use two different methods for move forward and backward
        #Forward - "jet engine" - add force to the body of the car
        #Backward - angular engine - add angular speed to the wheels
        if aspect>0:
            self.stoppingforce = 0
            self.stoppingforce = force
            for i in axis:
                #set angular engine speed
                #and force to it
                self.joints[i].setParamFMax(1, force)

Oh, yeah you are right :smiley:

There are still some parts in the code I do not understand, but I’ll send them tomorrow :slight_smile: