1. Is Panda3D free?

  2. Do I have to give you credit card info, or other information to download it?

  3. Would you say a smart 12 year old could make someting? (Maybe not something totally good, but something none the less XD)

  1. Yes, it is free(although, I’m not sure if you can sell the games you make with it without doing something first)

  2. Absolutely not.

  3. Yes, its programming language is easy to learn. Follow the basic tutorials and you should have a game in no time.

Take it from me – I’m 13.

Panda3D is free, but you must follow the license.

No, just goto the download section and start your download :slight_smile:

You will need to get to grips with how to program, but its not beyond anyones scope. Panda3D can be scripted through python, so you will need to learn a bit of that at

As long as you follow the license, then you can sell your games. An example of selling a game made with Panda3D is Disney’s ToonTown.

There is one bit of the License which needs clarifying, but I believe the distribution maintainers are dealing with that. You dont have to worry about any of that at the moment.

Happy Coding!

Thanks you! :smiley:

The other thing it can run on is C++

However, you should start using direct(easy functions) before you move on to pandac(dealing alot with the mathematical aspects of 3D) before you eventually move on to writing your own programs in C++

Here’s a quick piece of code to get you started:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart # Load up the basic needs.

run() # Infanite loop that renders, calls tasks, checks keyboard, etc.