Questions! Need answers

Neighborlee and several others know I ask on IRC quite a bit, but it’s easier to ask here; message won’t go away. ok.

1)I need to take a cube, 12 feet by 12 by 12, and make a set of clumns and rows out of it. sure, I could just place them all, but it’s odd. the furthest down row can fall in the game, or one could be added depending on what’s going on, so what’s my best method of going through this? they’re individual files and a texture for the cube, only the cube, and it’s important it stay that way >.<

2)I do all my models in inches. I need to rotate cubes 90 degrees TOWARDS the screen, and move it at the same time, like it’s rotating on the same base. best method? It’s a smooth animation, but might need to be able to speed it up.

3)sorta requesting, but does anyone have a REALLY low poly human? simple flapping of the arms as he runs, legs bend in it…100 polys, 10 polys, it should be low poly.

10 poly ? Are u sure ?

Try: … =1&lid=273

In blender you can reduce the number of polygon to fit your need.

10 polies was a joke, the original game had a colored plane, double sided for the main character…maybe…16-24 polies. i’ll check out the link thanks.

edit: please not nekkid and please not a woman. the original was a man…trying to keep it together.
nice site otherwise >.<

Just a site suggestion. There are low poly man also. Search around internet you shall find quite a number of dressed low poly model that can be used freely.

You can also make a bipedal creature out of simple shapes, like boxes, pretty easily. I did that for my current test engine; He’s called “boxman” appropriately. :slight_smile:

He’s probably less than 50 polys, since he’s just a handful of boxes approximating the limbs of a humanoid creature.

I’d share him, but he’s broke. I made a few animations for him but didn’t realize his root was rotated the wrong way – the animations are all broken since I fixed him.

did you make him in Blender? i’m curious how to call the animations properly, like instead of a jerk to the standing move, a smooth transition