Questions about panda3D web plugin


I am new to panda3d and I’m very interested by the panda web plugin. I have played a little with it and now I’ve got 2 questions about it.

1 - Is it possible to resize dynamically the panda3d’s frame in the web page ? Or some how, without reloading the application ?

2 - I have try to put some HTML elements in front of the panda3d frame. It works in many cases (using firefox for now), even a panda3d frame can be moved over an other panda3d frame without issue. But when a element, for exemple a

, comes with a background image in front of panda3d’s frame, the image pass under. I’ve played with z-index without success… Do you know how to bypass this problem ? Is anyone here have made some more advanced tests about panda3d and html overlaying ?

Thanks for your help.

  1. Yes, the application can resize the frame using, similar to the way it resizes the window on the desktop.

  2. There is no reliable way to overlay HTML content on top of the Panda frame, because (except on Mac OSX), the Panda frame is its own window, directly rendered to by hardware. You might be able to overlay one Panda frame on top of another, and there are limited controls for stacking order. But any content in the web page will be completely obscured by the Panda content on Windows and Linux.


Thank you drwr for your answer.

  1. Good news for the function. I will give it a try.

  2. Ok, I suspected something like that. However, on linux I can get the HTML overlay in many cases… I will try on Windows to see if result is the same or not.