Questions about maya2egg

Hello everyone~
Recently I read this:
It said:"The first step in texturing your model is to apply a “Phong” shader. This is the only kind of shader that Panda3D understands. "
So I wonder if panda3d would only choose “Phong” shader to render “.egg” files generated by maya2egg?

No, Panda doesn’t use a different shading model for files generated by maya2egg. The documentation only intends to say that the exporter knows how to read the settings you can apply to a Phong shader in Maya.

By default, Panda uses the Blinn-Phong shading model, which is generally considered better than Phong.

Thanks for your reply.

That is wonderful!!!
So does maya2egg support AO,metallic,roughness texture?
How to make AO,metallic and roughness textures work with maya2egg?(I didn’t find how to do it in Converting from Autodesk Maya — Panda3D Manual)

Those are PBR workflow maps. I don’t think maya2egg supports those. I would suggest finding a glTF 2.0 exporter for Maya.

Can we make those textures work in script?