Questions about DistributedNetworking

  1. If I reparent a NodePath to a DistributedActor (eg. a weapon to its hand) will it be updated automatically on other copies of it? I know that for pos I have to use send_update(‘set_x’,[-10]), but how about reparents? And if not, how could I work around this?

  2. If I animate a DistributedActor will it be updated automatically on other copies of it?

  3. Can I send “unexpected” server status for the client? Eg. When I enter a zone it expects to recieve about about the nodes there (AFAIK, I’m might be wrong), but how do I implement an “unexpected” (non-feedback) message? (eg: send “You are banned!”)


None of this happens automatically, but you can write your code to send the appropriate messages and handle them on the remote end. You can add messages of your own design to your distributed classes by adding them to the .dc file, and when you call the distributed methods the corresponding methods will be called on the remote side. It is then up to you to ensure the remote methods will do the appropriate behavior on your distributed object.


Ok, now that I’m working with it, I have another question: is it possible to take the avatar to “nowhere”? Ex: a zone which won’t receive updates, because some parts of the game aren’t multiplayer.

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