Hey Guys,
I’m new to Panda3D and also new to Game Dev stuff.
I really curious about Game Designing, because i been playing many game like Runescape,Ragnarok and Pristontale. So i just wondering is it possible for Panda Engine to make a Game with level system similar to any game i listed it here?

Tales of Pirate
Mu Online
World of Warcraft?

Any Tips for a Beginer?

yesh as a begginner myself I STRONGLY suggest that you do not skip any part of the tutorials even if you think you know what there talking about. secondly…some titles in the tutorial are misleading for example the hello world in panda IS NOT the hello world that rights…well…hello world to the screen instead it goes over the very basic stuff thats essential to getting started in panda and will help you undestand oh so much about panda!

secondly I recommend a good partner to help you I am looking for ppl who are begginers like myself to work with to make a game I would love to help you! I can model fairly well in 3ds max and port to maya and photoshop texturing as well so just drop me an email

thirdly have some coffee its good for the nerves!

fourthly I would say this community is by FAR the BEST in responsive solutions to your problems.

Fifth and final…panda is just straight easy to use. I’ve tried XNA from Microsoft and I have to say their methods of “easy coding” is a load of bull the methodology is just for microsoft to make money! meaning you have to pay to learn almost anything thats actually worth learning on the XNA framework. Also panda is only ~80mb or so…while XNA is 1.5gb thats just to build and run games!!! XNA is only crossplatform with your xbox 360 and pc and VERY LIMITED I MIGHT ADD with wine but only some games work you might wanna see wine hq list of working games for that case! anyway, panda is a great starting and middle game engine. albeit not crisis quality you wont have to know crisis complexity either! :wink: I’m sure thats a nice trade off.

6th yes yes i know i said the fifth was final but hey! also, python has to be the fastest (by this i mean not having to compile every time) deployment for my coding. especially in networking situations where i need to change code rapidly!

ok I’m done :slight_smile: anybody wanna add to it

oh to answer your question…runescape is a web based mmorpg and if you want panda to be integrated in the web browser I couldnt tell you yes or no to this question but I think its a no. BUT yes if you want to make a regular ‘runescape’ type game but boy oh boy mmo in general is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF coffee and time and knowledge of networking and panda stuff!!! prediction algorithms arent that simple you know! but if you have the time and money you can make an mmo. also yes if you want to make a runescape like game without mmo capabilities and just have the character fight monsters and do quests and such! and if you make graphics like runescape, panda will be able to handle that just fine :slight_smile:

long answer short:
yes. panda is pretty much able to handle everything. but its not suited for browser integration. aside from that. your skill and your free time are pretty much the only limits you have.

howver… i know that at least some of the titles here are known to be MMO-types. those require an enormous ammount of knowledge to code (especially on the server side, since panda does NOT provide an MMO-type server so you would have to code that one entirely yourself).
in case you want to make a simmilar game… start small. really small. for example as small as , just a singe tiny sized map which you can walk across in 10 seconds literally. if you want network in there ok. but accept a limited number of players only (maybe 8, depending on your network connection up to 30 should be no problem), except you’r really skilled with network-programming.

You, no offense, seem new to the world of programming,

All the games you list took years and huge teams of devs to make.

I don’t know your real programming level, but I recommend you start with small things just to see how easy/hard they are for you.

Then you will see what you are able to code, and, I hope, what cool game you might bring on the market!

actually if you plan to do another WoW. first get your 120million$ and then the engine actually doesnt really matter anymore.

If you are a development newbie, make a Pong-game and learn to understand the complexity of developing such a simple game.

well you dont need 120million google started with a handful of college students programming in their garage so dont believe that great games cost great money. great ideas are free you just need to know who and what time to invest your ideas to! but yes, mmorpg undoubtedly cost money so…save save save! lol :slight_smile:

can we stop the “how to not make mmo-games” discussion now? it’s sorta annoying to repeat oneself all the time.
start as small as possible and keep bragging/announcments to a minimum.

thx for listening

sorry lol but i too am excited about making an mmo well the possibility of making one!

if thats the case:

lemme tell you that … you can develop your mmo for quite a few years before you need any money. just get it working on a very small. non-mmo-scale. then continue. hf.

hence why I said the right time to invest in bigger things :slight_smile: