Question on texturing

I’m new to Panda3D like you’ll see…
Following story:
I use Blender to model my models and Chicken R44 to export it in the .egg format.
Texturing the model in blender is very easy. This texture also works with the Panda engine. But now I’m trying to simply change that texture in runtime.
with this code:

tex = loader.loadTexture("./textures/tex2.jpg")

the texture exists, so does the object.
after doing this “change” the whole model is just white.

I also tried adding no texture in Blender and just setting the UVs… same result.
also setting no UVs doesn’t effect that at all.

so what do you experts think, could be the problem?

(sorry for my maybe bad english :wink: )

Perhaps your texture is not a power of 2 in size? Or some other problem with the jpeg file?

Try pviewing the jpeg file directly to make sure that Panda can read and display it:

pview textures/tex2.jpg