Question on mousing over event

I need to know if there is a way to pass a variable in this code to the event:

DO.accept('mouseraycnode-into-smileycnode', collideEventIn)

(smileycnode) is what the ClollisionNode is called smileyCollider = base.moon.attachNewNode(CollisionNode(‘smileycnode’)) which is attached to the model that i’m trying to pass to the event.

I cant figure out how to pass say


in the above code to the event. So is there a way to put say

DO.accept('mouseraycnode-into-smileycnode', collideEventIn, base.myModel)

(above code is incorrect just an example of what i want to do)

And or if there is a way to actually just get the model name such as the base.myModel that the mouse is currently hovering over would be awesome!

so if we do the above code that calls the event and then in the event code:

def collideEventIn(entry):
  global pickingEnabled

  # here how we get the references of the two colliding objects to show their names ASA this happen

  # we need also to raise a flag to inform the mousePick routine that the picking is now active

if i can get the model name as i said base.myModel because I want to assign the model name the mouse is hovering over to base.selection



Yes. You can do:

DO.accept('mouseraycnode-into-smileycnode', collideEventIn, extraArgs = [base.myModel])