question on getting model's vertex in cxx.

I am new to panda3d C++ and right now I am trying to get collision detection and response through ODE. For that i need to create planes or triangles according to the terrain model.

NodePath Land;
Land = window->load_model(framework.get_models(), "models/environment");

Hmm, is there a way to get all the vertex details from the “Land” NodePath?

Sorry if this question was asked many time before. I did try to search through the forum but most of wat I found wasn’t in C++ or somehow doesnt work for mi.

I came across the Roaming Ralph in C++, I am still trying to understand the codes on how it know the polygon, pushback etc. Is there other way then how Roaming Ralph does it ??

Or should I write my own file reader to read those vertex in .egg file. So i can create triangle or plane with ODE itself ??

Thank you.

roaming ralph doesnt use ODE afaik. it uses pandas buildin collision system. for ode there was some python code posted on the forum to create ode collision solids if i remember correctly. maybe you can convert this py-code in c++ and try it with this.