question for Windows users, 'PATH'

Hey can you Windows users tell me how you canuse the Python version which comes with Panda3d as the main Python installation? I had Python istalled for Blender, but I don’t have it in the PATH variable, on the other hand I have added Panda’s Python path to the PATH variable, however when I install Python packages like PIL, py2exe or pygame they only find the other Python installation…

besides the PATH variable in Windows, i also have this in registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Is there a simpler way? I don’t think that works though.

i haven’t tried PY2EXE etc. , but i guess these softwares look up the registry of WinXP/Vista/Win7 to find your Python installation. given that you said Py2exe still found the other Python installation even though you have the location of Panda version specified in “PATH”.

using registry is easy. just copy the above lines into notepad and save the text file as xxxxx.reg , and click the reg file. then the lines are added into registry of Windows.

you should modify the folder names to suit your computer before saving the reg file.

or i don’t know why Py2exe couldn’t find your Panda version of Python.

Well it didnt work. I still believe theres an easier way for windows users to change their default python, other than writing a registry script.