Question: Exporting/Building flash animations out of Panda


I was wondering if there is any known path from a Panda3D animation (or at least from the modells there) into flash animations?

Anyone have experiences, pointers, ideas for such an approach?

Kind regards,
Andrew Smart

Flash? Not likely. But you can export the individual frames of an animation out as image files, and then use e.g. Windows Movie Maker to assemble them into a .wmv (or use other software to assemble them into the movie format of your choice).

You can save out the frames of an animation with the call. From

    def movie(self, namePrefix = 'movie', duration = 1.0, fps = 30,
              format = 'png', sd = 4, source = None):
        Spawn a task to capture a movie using the screenshot function.
        - namePrefix will be used to form output file names (can include
          path information (e.g. '/i/beta/frames/myMovie')
        - duration is the length of the movie in seconds
        - fps is the frame rate of the resulting movie
        - format specifies output file format (e.g. png, bmp)
        - sd specifies number of significant digits for frame count in the
          output file name (e.g. if sd = 4, movie_0001.png)
        - source is the Window, Buffer, DisplayRegion, or Texture from which
          to save the resulting images.  The default is the main window.


Hi David,

thanks. I feared already that this will be the answer… :confused: :smiley:

The movie approach is the “last resort” - I was hoping that I would be able to have some 3d effects made with Panda and easily move them into the web via flash (with the possibility to build some interaction into flash).