Question about using removeNode

If you have “other objects” attached to a “Main Object”, will those other objects’ resources get deleted when you delete the Main Object’s resources?


do the other objects (which are attached to the Main) just end up detached from the scene graph as if detachNode was called on them?


It’s just a idea but … why do not try?
Why do not print render.getChildren() before remove and print render.getChildren() after remove? :wink:

If only I knew all the API calls with Panda. (Sigh)

That’s the biggest killer when working with a new Engine.

Haven’t even been learning P3D for a year yet.

Your Avatar… Is that a Panda? My God… Or did you just alter that picture?

Oh!! :laughing: It’s a raccoon! Sorry.

As far as I know when you delete a parent the children also get deleted also.