Question about the performance

When use panda to do a 3D application.
When run(), the CPU is always higher than 50%. No mater there is a animation or not.

So why? How to lower the cpu percentage?

In my mind, if there is a animation ,the cpu will be high bcz there is a loop.
But if there is just a model, the cpu also has a high percentage

Are there some good ways to make the application’s performance better?

The CPU utilization is always high because Panda tries to render as many frames per second as it can. When it finishes one frame, it immediately starts rendering the next frame. This means the CPU never stops to take a break.

Most people are not concerned with minimizing CPU utilization. Unless you’re concerned about heat dissipation or power consumption, or you want to run some other CPU-intensive process in the background, there’s no reason to care how much your CPU is being used. What’s wrong with using all of your CPU? It doesn’t get used up, after all, and any CPU utilization less than 100% is basically wasted resources.

If you really want to reduce CPU utilization, you may need to limit the frame rate. For instance, you can put:

clock-mode limited
clock-frame-rate 15

in your Config.prc file, to constrain Panda to render no faster than 15 fps. Instead of rendering faster than that, it will yield the CPU, which will mean that your CPU utilization will decrease.

Of course, it’s a different question if you want to ask about maximizing your frame rate, given your available CPU resources.