Question about the Glow example

I was reading the source code of the glow example and implementing it into the tutorial example (and some other stuff like a dino running in circles).
Everything was very straightforward but I encountered one problem I couldn’t figure out…

In the example we “add” the 2 layers (the render and the render that was blurred). Is there a way to change the opacity of the blurred image. (so I can control the amount of glow real-time).

Also, can you change the brightness or contrast of such an image before blending(Add)?


of course you can. i never tried it with multible renderthigns but you can either try to set colorscale on your model, or you look in the manual ->section texture and blend modes.
i think there are a couple more ways to do it but i think that you’ll be able to find the answer somewhere in the manual texutring part

Thanks Thomas,

So I guess the best way to archieve this would be:
-rendering the view to textures
-applying effects to the textures (like colorize, glow, contrast, …)
-and then blending them together
I’ll give it a try, I’m working on some post-processing effects.

I’ve had another idea, but I don’t know if somebody already implemented it. Sort of a trick to simulate depth of field.

  • the normal render
  • blurred version of the normal render
  • And also a depth of field map (I’ll have to check on that)

If you use the depth of field map as a transparency map on the blurred version of the normal render (what a sentence). Then you could get sort of a depth of field effect right? Or am I totally wrong :slight_smile:?