Question about intervals

What i want to do is call certain intervals from the interval list and execute any one of them when i need on the spot, without loosing the interval on the list(being marked as done) and later us it if need again. Is this possible ?

I don’t know what you mean by an “interval list”, but if you mean a Sequence or Parallel, that’s not really recommended. It’s better to maintain a separate copy of any intervals that you want to call separately.


I didn’t use the proper terms, sorry.
Let me explain my question, when we make an interval lets say for a movement from point A(x,y,z) to point B(x,y,z) we store this interval in object of type PT(CMetaInterval). We may store few of those intervals in this object and call/execute them when we enter the main loop throught(the only way i know) this task:

AsyncTask::DoneStatus InitWindow::StepInterv( GenericAsyncTask* task, void* data )
	return AsyncTask::DS_cont;

My question is about when we store those intervals, as i saw when i tested every interval is executed once and after that it disapears from the(let’s call it) queue. What i want to do is to store them as long as i need without loosing them so i could call a specific interval to be executed at a specific time in my program. Is it possible to do that ?

Adding an interval to a CMetaInterval is a promise that you will not thenceforth access that interval individually. So, no.

But you can instead add the interval to your own list object (like a std::vector< PT(CInterval) > or something similar) and call it individually as much as you like.