Question about how to make a 'cloud effect' around myplanets

I was wondering which way i could create a nice cloud affect around my planets in my game. I was looking at fog but i was wondering if there was some sort of sample because i have a hard time with the manual sometimes. :question:

If I understand correctly, you want the fog to be JUST around the planets, so I believe linear fog is the correct choice.
Code I adapted from the manual:

colour = (0.5,0.8,0.8)
linfog = Fog("Planet Fog")

# Set how far from the node the fog is opaque (0)
linfog.setLinearRange(0,320) # And how far away to display the fog (320)

cloudEffect = render.attachNewNode(linfog) # Create a new node
render.setFog(linfog) # Activate the fog

There is tons of algorithms to model clouds. The basic one is billbards. Billboards of cloud puffs around your stuff.

Clouds around planets? That’s just texture.