Question about Animation Strategies

Hi Quick Question about Animation Strategies.

I’m making a demo similar to the Airblade demo of panda 1.0.5.

However I would like to animate the buttons and the splash screen.
I don’t know much about modeling images at this time.

The Airblade demo uses a png texture as the splash screen and the buttons.

If I wanted a little animation - like the way an animated gif would be animated ? for example moving shine on the letter, what would be
my best solution to animate the buttons?

And what would be my best bet if I wanted to have animated image as the splash screen which in airblade is just a big jpg?

Thanks in advance

For a splash screen, you could do something like that described in the Panda3D manual under Automatic Texture Animation.

Or you could simply load up the multiple different texture images individually, and run a task to set a new texture every so often using nodePath.setTexture(tex, 1).

For the buttons, you can either use the Automatic Texture Animation trick, and pass the animated node as the button’s “geom”, or you can again run a task to switch the textures by hand, using something like button[‘image’] = tex.

In either case, whether you do it with the automatic texture flip object, or with an explicit task, is largely a matter of preference.