Querying Vendor Id String from python?

Is there anyway to query for the Vendor ID String from python? There are several NVidia vs ATI differences that need vendor specific fixes and I’m not sure how to tell the difference in gfx card from python…



You can get the vendor and card ID numbers with DisplayInformation.getVendorId() and getDeviceId(). There’s not a portable way to query the OpenGL vendor string because this is OpenGL-specific (and Panda also supports DirectX and other platforms), but the ID numbers give you all you need and are more reliable besides.


Hi David,

Is this the right syntax to query DisplayInformation?

obj = DisplayInformation()
print obj.getCpuIdVersion()
print obj.getDeviceId()
print obj.getVideoMemory()

I tried this and got 0 or ‘’ or -1 for virtually every parameter.


Ah, never mind. I figured out the problem. The DisplayInformation has to be preceeded by