Qt Creator Project Template (currently OSX only)

Hi there,
Just a few days ago I started looking into Panda3D. The first thing that caught my attention is that it built on my system (Ogre nor Irrlicht will not). I want to use it primarily with c++ and my preferred IDE is Qt Creator so I made a template .pro file. This took me 3 days to get to work right as I’m relatively new to Qt and c++ in general (I’m mostly a java programmer) but it does work for me now so I thought I’d share and see if it works for others as well.

Here is the template:

It comes with the last Hello World example from the c++ manual, and a compiled version. There are some very important things that must happen though for you to use this:

Once you have that all set up, open the project, and:

  • make sure the lib and include paths are right for your system

  • go to the Projects tab and make sure the build settings are set to Release AND that the toolchain is set to GCC (x86 32bit): if it’s set to Debug and/or 64bit it fill fail!

I hope this helps some people. Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you (even better if you can tell me why) so I can keep making this more stable.

EDIT: If this doesn’t build for you how it is, try commenting out all the QMAKE_ things in the .pro file. I need them to be there for it to work on my system but I know at least one person with exactly the same setup I have who needed them gone. Any ideas to why that might be would be appreciated =).