Q: ETC's past projects source code available?

Hi all,
I do not know the current policy regarding of past projects done by students (some of them really nice according to the screenshots). But gaining access to the source and perhaps to some postmortem info could really help the community to progress faster.

True :slight_smile:

One of the rather difficult problems with making the source available is the unique platforms that are used. Many of the worlds are built for a guest in Virtual Reality goggles, and others use Video cameras and computer vision. Furthermore, the art asset base for many of these canbe quite large. Even worse, many of the worlds were developed in two weeks, which doesn’t usually translate to easily readable code.

On the other hand, it would be a fine thing to have more full-concept examples. Panda 1.1 will support game packaging, so it may be doable for smaller worlds

But we could agree that even quickly hacked code can serve as illustration or demonstration of some apis. Furthermore, taking into account that the asset production is one of the main efforts needed to make a demo, the possibility of having some stock of models available could help a lot to test ideas though with somehow out-of-place actors (you know, since Tarzan visited NY, only your imagination is the limit!).