PyWeek — March 2010

Why you will not participate?

  • No, i will participate! I will!
  • No time.
  • No prises, i want cash!
  • Don’t like competitions
  • Pyweek overly slanted towards pygame and pyglet
  • You can’t develop a game in 1 week
  • The time is too long - it needs to be a 48 hour compo
  • I don’t do python.

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This challenge is in March / April, 2010.

Theme voting has started. The themes to choose from are:

What do they mean by theme? I kinda laughed when I saw ‘screwdriver’ lol.

The theme is the guiding statement for your game. It can be played pretty loosely, I can’t think of any game that has been disqualified for not following the theme yet. I’ll be taking part this time cause it falls on a holiday week, though I might take an extra day or two off.

Wish I could, but far too busy at work and can’t take the time off. Last time I entered I made the mistake of having a team name that started with ‘w’ - don’t make this mistake! People work down the alphabetically sorted list, and never get as far as the bottom - only 4 people voted on my game:-( Saying that 5 people couldn’t get it to run - the web plugin should fix that problem though - maybe I’ll have the time when it next comes around.

Plz add another point to the poll treeform:
because I can’t get the themes meaning :slight_smile:
BTW: what is a Wibbly-wobbly? seems to be quite detailed about the ‘no y’ versions, which I assume are where their ‘y’ versions come from. I know it due to Blackadder, a British comedy with Rowan Atkinson in, so I equate it with the shaking definition. In fact ‘wibble’ was my entry name last time I entered pyweek! (And I regularly use it as a variable name when I can’t be bothered to think of a proper name.)

hey that link was very informative - I asked internet before that and every time popped up some round soft wobbling mammal stuff, something like this

Just so it’s clear: it’s perfectly acceptable to use Panda3D as a 3D library.
So basically as long as “The libraries must not implement any game logic” you’re fine.