Pyweek: AFF: Star City

Hi i am competing in pyweek, id like some feed back on my entry please!


It’s very nice… What is the targeted panda version?

To run it i had to change 2 things
a) in run.bat, launch python instead of ppython
b) in, replaces class Ressources(): by class Ressources:

It loaded very fast (<1Min) on my office laptop (1 gig ram, Intel integrated graphics only).

Some small criticism

a )I was just very confused on how to create the Node networks.
I clicked the EnergyNode.
Sometimes when i click on the map , a node is created and linked to the closet node in automatic (very nice)
Sometime i just get a dotted circle drawn on the map and nothing happen.
Note: When the energy node is autolinked, i get a message in gui saying
“Python loading …”

b) Camera control is very nice … I would just allow some arrows keys for the let/right/Up/Down move also. RTS Addicts love them :slight_smile:

c) I would make the node links smaller or more transparent… it very soon
overwhelm the screen …

d) i would make the node information either smaller and maybe via a picture (like two water bubble for water 20 …) because it crowds the screen very fast also.


target is 1.5.0. Some people have other python installed so by using ppython i get the python that comes with panda3d. Its odd that did not work for you.

why would Ressources() be en error are you running python2.4?

Thanks i still need to work on the node networks a bit. The circle is the “active spot” it will alway try to link the circle and where you clicked.

“let/right/Up/Down move also” - I’ll add that

Well when you click to build roads it shows road information, if you click energy its shows energy information. So the readout is not a big problem because you can hid it by clicking on another button. Yeah i could make the lines smaller or transparent maybe make them bigger/lesser when you are in the right mode.

Thanks very much for testing!

Everything worked for me just fine. It took awhile to load up(probably about 45secs) though I was doing some other stuff in the background while it was loading so that could be my system.

Controls seem to be a bit odd though all in all good job man. doesnt work because of the () at the class:
class Resources: <- works

For the gameplay:

  • at the beginning only allow to build the command center, it took me a while to figure out that i need that to start anything at all
  • make more distinctive icons and buildings, i’d acually color them. (blue for waternodes and aqua, yellow for reactor & powernodes, etc.
  • possibly make buildings bigger, nodes smaller
  • show how far a node delivers it’s ressources
  • give visual feedback from a object if it’s not working by any reason (maybe it blinks in that color)
  • why does the reactor has to be far away from everything else? it could make sense if every building had such a requirement, but not if it’s only the reactor.
    • brings up the question, why do i buidl the city in a special way, and not everything on 1 point (except the reactor)

just my 2 cents

It had to make the bam files. It should load fast now that you have the chache. On windows binary i think i will include the only the bam files and the thing will load fast.

1 I think i will show more and more of the tree as the population grews
2 Better icons … i can think about that … maybe replace them with symbols
3 Node only delivers to its neighboring nodes
4 Good idea, ill probably color it red or something.
5 Because reactors are radio active. Adding this to more buildings might be good option too.
6 well you cannot place buildings in one point - the goal is to build a city to span the whole map without having it go bankrupt. So starting at one point and build more and more of the city is the natural way unless you plan ahead. You get into some major traffic issues when your city gets big.

Thanks Hypnos!

Ah :slight_smile:

Forgot to say, pretty good balanced and quite good gameplay for a pyweek :slight_smile:

hmm i though balance was very off wack. I plan to redo much of it. I want to have “filler buildings” that don’t require one resource that their final counterpart will but produce much less.

Like residential that have their own generators, food, and water units.
Factories that have their own energy units. Etc…

Just one Question? I though Robot was the theme of current Pyweek? am i right?

Manakel, yep i hoped to get this robot in:

but i just ran out of time.

Maybe i will be the first disqualified entry ever!