PyWeek #21 (February 2016)

I just want to inform everyone that the biannual python game coding challenge known as PyWeek starts on Sunday 2016/02/28.

More info here:

This are some of the Panda3D games that took part in the competition in previous years:

Some interesting concepts. In general it is a pity though with all these competitions that the submitted games basically never get developed further into something more than prototypes.

Pyweek is over and we have 3 new Panda3D games:

Home Decoration of Anno Domini 1204
by amras0000

The Little Drop
by Grimfang (fireclaw)

Ranked 1st Production
Ranked 2nd in Overall
Ranked 3rd in Fun

Gas and Grass
by yours truly

Ranked 3rd Production
Ranked 3rd in Overall
Ranked 2nd in Fun

Half of the ‘medals’ for individual entries went to Panda3D games, Yay!

I wouldn’t mind entering in a team next pyweek, I can’t get my games finished/polished enough alone. Anyone willing to join The Unofficial PyWeek22 Panda3D Team? :mrgreen:

PyWeek 21 was a nice challenge and I am quite surprised my entry, The Little Drop, got the second place in overall rating ^^.
I’m also glad to see we got so many “medals” for Panda3D games, keep up the good work everyone.

If I find some time and if someone reminds me when the next PyWeek starts, I’d definitely like join the “The Unofficial PyWeek22 Panda3D Team”, maybe we can make the first place!