I am haveing alot of trouble getting Python to work on my Windows XP, Is there another program I can use to script or is it strictly Python?


Nope, Python is it. Well… you could use C++.

What exactly is the problem you are having with Python?

Well, As pitiful as it sounds, I cannot install it. It says For Windows (2000/NT/ME/98/95), assuming you have MS VC++ 7.1, the
project files are in PCbuild, the workspace is pcbuild.dsw. See
PCbuild\readme.txt for detailed instructions. I cant find PCBuild/readme or any of the other files. :cry:

I’m not sure what you are referring to… To use Panda3D, all you do is download and use the installer. It comes with everything you need.

I run Windows XP and it works fine!


So all I need to do is download Panda which I did install, Then click on what? Sorry I just found this program this morning :slight_smile:

Well, first welcome!

Second, you really should read the documentation section. It explains what you need to know. Panda3D comes with examples. Find the directory:


Start with the first: “Run Step 1 Blank Window”.

Just double-click on the little Panda icon.

The actual Python code is in the file called “”. You can view it with notepad or wordpad.

Panda3D isn’t a drag-and-drop game maker or anything, so you’ll really need to learn how 3d works and then also Python. Use the manual and look at the examples to get started.


Just one more thing. Do I download the EXE and then all of the other files? Or am I doing somthing wrong?

No, you are correct, download “panda3d-1.3.0.exe” from the “Downloads>Software” section and double-click to install it. That is all you need.

Later on, if you wanted to look at the C++ source code than you’ll need to download something else, but I wouldn’t worry about that now.

Then click where? I see greeting Card, Manual and Website

Ok, you are really new!

Well, tell me what you are trying to do exactly? Look at my post above where it tells you what directory to look for. You know how to find a directory right?


Oh sorry forgot to refer to before post and yes I am very new! Haha, Anyway how would I get Python to work then?

Well, start from the begining of this thread and count 6 posts down… I think you missed that one. You really need to a little reading first.


I guess what I am reffering to is How to I start my own fresh new program? And thanks for all of youre help.

Ah, I see ok… You want to start entering your own code.

Well here is what I do and it should get you started as well:

Find this directory:


Find this shortcut and make a copy:

Run Step 1 Blank Window

Find this python file and make a copy:

You should now have:

Copy of Run Step 1 Blank Window
Copy of

right-click on “Copy of” and select “Rename”. Change the name to something… how about

Then right-click on “Copy of Run Step 1 Blank Window” and select “Properties”. In the section “Target:” remove “” and replace with

Then you should be able to just double-click “Copy of Run Step 1 Blank Window” and Panda3D will execute the code in your

Then you can change this all later.


Hehe I understood that :wink: And thats all I needed to start. Yay! Thanks for all of your Help!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you just want to play around with an interactive Python interpreter you can just go to this directory:


and click ppython.exe


One last thing :frowning: im sorry but, Do I edit all of the script in workpad? It seems kinda…I dont know?

You can if you want, or use your favorite editor. Or you can just right-click and use “Edit with IDLE”. That is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that comes with Python.



You can also just make those changes in a folder on your desktop. Just create a “MyGame” (or whatever) folder on your desktop and copy over that shortcut and file into it. You’ll then need to edit the shortcut so it finds the new folder on your desktop though.

Hi Browncow, welcome to the forum :smiley:. I wrote a little guide on how to get started with panda. It’s stickied in the General forum section, or you can find it here:

I wrote it some time ago and it really needs to be updated (because I’ve since found a much better and easier way to start Panda) but it should at least help to get you started.