Python vs C++

Would a game coded entirely in C++ using P3D be a lot faster than one done entirely in Python? Also, would porting a game done completely in python to C++ be fairly difficult?

I’m wanting to lean more towards using C++ since that’s the only language (other than a bit of VB) I’ve used before. I’ve spent a few months previously using C++ with Dark GDK.

Not particularly, but it would take a lot longer to write.

Python is easy to learn, and you’ll find that the time it saves you in development will more than make up for the time it takes to learn it.


OK, for books, I have narrowed it down to Byte of Python and Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. I’m not sure which to use though. They both seem decent and fit my need perfectly. Byte of Python although is 1/3 the size of IYOCGWP.

hm. i doubt that “invent your own games with python” covers panda, if any 3d-engines at all. the table of contents doesnt even mention any libraries at all you might learn is to programm a terminal-version of hangman, which has nothing in common with panda,the scene graph, 3d grafics or the pipeline.

i’d say. go for a byte of python. those might also be of intreste if you’r new to python.
since you already know c++, learning python should be a matters of … few hours. maybe a few days.
guess learning panda takes more time for you. be sure to check the samples and the manual :slight_smile:
hope this helps

Thanks for your replies. I will first go through the “Learning to Program” tutorial by Alan Gauld and then move on to a book (probably Byte of Python).

Again, thanks!