python script error with chicken export

The chicken export don’t work! :cry:
I try to run but get an error:
“Python script error: check console”

My Blender 2.49b is properly installed.
I also have Python 2.6 properly installed.

Why not work? :cry:

the error says “check console”.
the reason behind that message is: the console gives a lot of useful information to debug this problem.
unless you provide the console output we cant tell you whats wrong. or how to fix the issue.

I ran the script in Text Editor and it appeared marked:

It is the last line of the script.

Sorry. I’m still learning Python in order to use Panda3D.

have you installed chicken correctly? check if you have the in the directory printed in the screenshot. it’s possible that the chicken script contains a error (because of the “chicken/”), but first check if you have everything where it belongs.

I do not know why, but my Blender does not have the folder .blender.
There is only the folder “script” in the root directory.
This is the problem.

Thanks for the help. :astonished:

There might be a confiusion within your directory paths.
Where does Blender’s directory “Scripts” point to ?

You need to put the “” in that directory and relaunch Blender :wink:

The installer creates the folder in the Application Data. Why creates it in a place so hidden? ¬¬

But now the problem is solved.