Python question

I realize this might not be the best venue to ask this question, but since the context in which I was asked sorta has to do with Panda, and since a lot of users here do have a lot of experience with python, it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Is it possible to drag a file onto either the Panda window or the python window and have it retrieve the path to the file? I wrote a simple script to view a txo.pz file in Panda by texturing it on a card, but I was asked if it would be possible for me to enable dragging the texture files onto the window, as opposed to having to relaunch the script via the command line with a different argument per file. As far as I know, this isn’t possible with Panda, though I think it could be done with TKInter, but I thought it’d be best to confirm it here first… or maybe someone might have a third alternative?

For drag and drop you would need a windowing tool kit such as Tk, Wx, Gtk … list goes on. Panda3d does not recognize drag and drop events with inter operating system objects.