Python performance

Ok, so I gather that MOST of the time using python will have no impact on performance at all.

But, since I don’t have the know-how to write parts of my code in C++ if it were to become an issue, I have to ask - How likely is it really that python could become a bottleneck? And what would I typically need to watch out for to avoid this problem?

avoid math-heavy calculations which run every frame. especially if you run loops where they repeat over and over.
aside from that, chances of python beeing the bottleneck are really really slim.

writing a small c++ extension isnt that hard. even for non c++ coders that’s quite doable with some help.

there is no need to worry, i use panda for well quite along time and i never found python to be the bottleneck. unless you’r trying to do something really extraodinary you propably wont ever need to care.

Ok thanks

and if python becomes a bottleneck there is still the option to use psyco (but there are some issues with psyco which you normally dont run into) or other things.
for a performance-comparison look at