[Python] Panda3D Projectile Intervals

Hey… I’m working on a game where a player shoots
an arrow in the direction of the camera
and I want to use Projectile Intervals to make the
arrow’s movement look real.

however, I get an error that I don’t know how to fix.
my line is:

arrow_interval = ProjectileInterval(self.arrow,startPos=self.origin,startVel=Vec3(X,Y,Z),endZ=self.floor.getZ())

the error I get is:

global name 'Parabolaf' is not defined

error trace says the error comes from ProjectileInterval.py

Any ideas how to solve this?

Oops, this was a bug I recently introduced on the trunk. Sorry about that!

I’ve just checked in a fix; you can either pick up the latest release, or you can simply hand-edit ParabolaInterval.py and replace “Parabolaf” with “LParabola”.