Python Console Window in Panda

Is there any easy way to open a console window with a python interpreter from a Panda3d game ? I have seen some people working with Panda in a wx system, but before I try this path, I just wanted to ask if Panda has already something built-in. A search in the forums didn’t get me any answers, if there is a thread already or there is something in the manual I am to blind to see, please point me there.

If you want to use wxPython, there are a few things you should look at.

  • Panda3D already supports merging the wx eventloop into the Panda3D eventloop. Just put the variable “want-wx #t” in your Config.prc. I’m not sure what the actual object names within showbase are, you’d need to dig a little deeper for that.
  • Very recently (only two weeks ago), the WxAppShell class has been added. It will not yet be included in 1.5.3 unfortunately, but it will most likely be in 1.6.0. Or, you can just include the file within your own source file. … iew=markup

Hmm, there also used to be a demo for using wxPython around, but I can’t find it at the moment.