Python Bindings

I have a rather inexperienced question:
If I used 3rdParty middleware, such as PyODE or Lightsprint lighting solutions, they would have to have python bindings built in correct? Or in other words they would require some way for me to access them in Python—are they supposed to be built in?
Forgive my lack of terminology as I am a beginner in my programming class.

PyODE is a pythonbinding for ODE (as the name tells you)
if you want to use other stuff (like a .dll or .so) you should check the python documentation. i think there is some module which allows to load and use those those libraries. dont know if you need to make “special” libraries,thought… but it’s worth checking =)
in worst case you could write a library to access the library… maybe^^ (I’m not into all this c and c++ stuff)

Thanks for the reply…I’ll check into that if it is essential to use (.dll type issues)

Again, Thanks

The library Thomas was thinking about is probably ctypes. Never used it, but it looks like you can use it to invoke just about any shared library function from Python.

I would definitely look for something already with a Python wrapper, such as PyODE, before looking at ctypes though.

I agree with sticking with implemented python bindings. As I get more experienced I can try out your suggestion, and if anything I have NEVER heard of that so I am glad to know whats out there…Thanks!