Python auto-completion in PyCharm

Just wondering: has any of you guys already got auto-completion working for the PyCharm IDE?

It worked right out of the box for me. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Are you using PyCharm or the Python plugin for IDEA?
Are you using a custom Python installation, or the one shipped with Panda3d?
Does it find all classes and functions, like the main “render” object for example?

I’m sorry I see what you’re saying, yes the built in classes like panda3d.core do not work for me. Sorry I am apparently easily confused :slight_smile:. I am using PyCharm and Panda3D out of the box.

That’s unfortunate. PyCharm is a great IDE, this non-Panda3d-support is the first negative thing I could say about PyCharm …

Agreed, I find it much easier to use than eclipse which is why i’m still using it despite the downside. For the most part though I’ve stopped paying attention to the errors that it puts up. Which is of course far less than ideal.

I have created a bug report for PyCharm. Maybe JetBrains is willing to implement support for Panda3d into PyCharm. Would you maybe like to upvote for this issue on their tracker?

I’ll do that, I did find this on Stack Overflow, nothing offered helped me but maybe you’ll have better luck.