Python Adventure Game Framework Using Panda3d

My framework is aimed at producing graphical adventure-type games with locations, characters, events and game objects using class instances rather than procedural code to represent the actual game.
To allow me to focus on generic game logic, my test game world is based on the Roaming-Ralph sample with added public domain models. Two instances of the game can be networked so that a local avatar actor follows the remote actor.
My custom classes include:

  • Locations which are named areas in the Panda3d world.
  • Characters which can be given a defined bribe to make them helpful, then asked about, or to do things.
  • Portables which can be carried/dropped by Characters.
  • Containers which can hold things and be carried by Characters, locked/unlocked with a defined key or broken open with a tool.
  • Doors which can be locked/unlocked with the defined key or broken open with a tool to reveal new exits from a location.
  • Barriers between Locations which can be crossed using an appropriate aid.
  • Events which move things when defined conditions are met.
    Game play uses either simple text sentences or a GUI menu when a game object is clicked.
    Characters can be summoned using a spell and Objects can be made from other objects.
    Is anyone else interested in this sort of development?