Python 3.4 is out!

With (partial?) python 3 support in cvs I felt like sharing this good news!

PEP 428, a “pathlib” module providing object-oriented filesystem paths
PEP 435, a standardized “enum” module
PEP 450, a new “statistics” module
PEP 451, standardizing module metadata for Python’s module import system
PEP 453, a bundled installer for the pip package manager
PEP 454, a new “tracemalloc” module for tracing Python memory allocations
PEP 3156, a new “asyncio” module, a new framework for asynchronous I/O

Nice. Especially the enums. We should add support for that to Interrogate.

For what it’s worth, the latest CVS version of Panda3D works pretty nicely with Python 3. The only thing is that there might be Python modules here and there that need minor changes for it to work, but I’ve run a variety of code against the Python 3 build.